In the Beginning

Pauley and I both worked for our small (population less than 20,000) town’s major employer and we knew each other casually, but our friendship really began in 1996. In that year we both moved up to jobs in Administration and found ourselves in the same department with the same challenging boss. Her pseudonym will be CB. The C could stand for words other than “challenging” but I will leave that to your imagination.

CB’s first order of business was to move me and Pauley into the same office. As the department head, she wanted and needed a private office. Perfectly understandable. No problem. But then she pulled us away from our assigned work duties and insisted that we spend a whole day moving furniture and file cabinets and arranging our new digs to her specifications. She topped the day off by gifting us with a large scary plant (tree?) as an “office warming present.” At some point during this process,Pauley and I exchanged an“is she crazy or what?” look and our bonding began. The initial bond quickly grew into a very strong, deep and supportive friendship. From CB’s point of view it probably looked more like an unholy alliance.

We quickly discovered that we had a lot in common: the same astrological sign, twenty year marriages, the stress of raising teenagers, similar political views, similar family backgrounds and of course, the same love of 60s music. I was properly impressed by the large framed Beatles poster on the wall above her desk and she told me that she had been in love with Paul McCartney since she was five years old. I would soon discover that this was only the tip of the iceberg. She also spoke of having a Beatle Room at her house (more on that later) and the fact that she sent Paul a birthday card every year.

So, that was the beginning of what turned out to be our second teenagerhood. Not all fun and games but definitely a lot more interesting than the first time around. I am currently working on a list and deciding which adventures to write about first. They will not be in chronological order.  Next chapter soon.

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Our BIG Bucket List

The Law of Attraction is working already. I am feeling positively giddy as I write this because it is the point where we officially and publicly declare our intention to the Universe or as Joe Vitale describes it in the movie The Secret, placing our order.

If you pay attention to the blog header, it is essentially a mini vision board. My one big bucket list item is to visit Australia and Pauley’s is and always has been to meet Paul McCartney. We decided combining them would be an ultimate test of the Law of Attraction, so it is our intention to travel together to Australia to meet Paul McCartney. How’s that for a special order big ticket item, Universe? Better get started now!

If you would like to support us, we welcome all the positive energy we can get. You can friend us on Facebook and like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and /or follow our vision boards on Pinterest. And of course, we hope you will continue to read the blog and be entertained by the back story of our friendship and past adventures and follow our bucket list progress in real time. It’s gonna be a thrilling ride!

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And Away We Go!

First of all, I apologize if you have landed here by mistake. The Girls Of Summer is the name my best friend and I gave to ourselves years ago because of the large amounts of time we spent in and around her pool starting in 1996 when we were brought together by fate and a challenging boss.

So, this blog is not about bikini models and has nothing to do with the song by Aerosmith.  It is about the life experiences  (adventures) of a couple of baby boomer gals who have made a commitment to live the rest of their lives to the fullest, accomplish their biggest dream, and have as much fun as possible doing it.  You are more than welcome to come along for the ride. Subscribe and come back as the story unfolds. The only ground rule is: NO negativity allowed! I am the bouncer here and I will kick your negative vibes right out the door.  If you are looking for the bikini models, then move on. Go in peace.

Second, my name is not really Flower Child and my friend’s name is not really Pauley. Big surprise, huh?  Yes, I’m using pseudonyms to protect the semi innocent (namely me and Pauley) and in some cases the outright guilty (again, me and Pauley).  I will be adding a Cast of Characters page to make it easier to keep track.

I chose Pauley’s pseudonym because of her lifelong love and devotion to Paul McCartney, and also because I think Pauley Perrette is really cool and I like the way she spells her name.  My nom de plume, Flower Child, is a salute to the 1960s, the decade I grew up in. It was also the decade that produced, in my humble opinion, some of the best music planet Earth will ever experience.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell: the plan is to use the Law of Attraction to manifest the ultimate items on our bucket and just to make it interesting, we are combining them so that we can really put the LOA to the test. Can we do it? Yes, we can!  So, the first entry is written and we’re off and running. I am hoping to report on our progress at least weekly. Come back and check on us and find out more about our past adventures, too. See ya.

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